About Trekking Way


My name is Susan and I love trekking in our amazing nature reserves. It doesn’t matter which country I am visiting, whenever I go on holidays I always include a trek as part of my holiday.

These days there we are spoilt for choice when it comes to clothing and equipment to take on our treks and nature walks.

If you are doing some of the harder treks or treks in extreme climates, then it is worth investing in the more expensive options for clothing and equipment – such as trekking poles and backpacks. However, if you are just doing short walks (one or two days), then there is an abundance of quality trekking gear in the mid price range (and even low price range – especially if the item is on sale!).

I hope that Trekking Way provides you with information to help you make decisions about your options for different trekking gear. Having the right gear for the right trek or walk, certainly makes a big difference to your outdoors adventures.